The Fashion Options For Those Wanting A Looser Fit

Just like everything in fashion, fit goes in and out like the tide. Some styles are totally based around how clothes fit you. There used to be a time when wearing tight-fitting clothes was daring and alluring, perhaps only done on special occasions. Then certain styles grew in popularity and were made more affordable and accessible to the common woman. From the figure-hugging dress that Marilyn Monroe made famous in the 1950s, to the mini skirt dresses that are worn today, women’s fashion regarding fit has always changed. However, with more and more women becoming self-conscious about their figure, those looking for clothes that look great but don’t outline their body so much, should praise the stars they are in the present. Nowadays, if you’re looking for a looser fit, you can wear almost any kind of fashion item. Clothing has changed so that any material can be worn elegantly while creating some separation between your figure. In fact, you have more outfit options in this respect than pretty much any other style of dressing.

The metropolitan artist

On the one hand, many people are introduced to baggy clothing by their favorite brand, or perhaps a celebrity they follow on social media. Yet, the baggy or loose-fit clothing has been around for a number of decades. Those living in the urban sprawl have not been taken by surprise with this new wave of women wearing baggy and lengthy shirts. In fact, one could say that the clothing has stayed the same regarding the urban chic look, but the outfits have altered slightly.

The metropolitan artists have always worn denim loose shirts and blouses. They’re comfortable, can be manipulated to be worn in several different ways, and most of all they give the arms plenty of room to breathe free. The cuffs can be rolls up, while at the elbow the shirt can sag, therefore fitting loosely around the shoulders. Things have moved on from just the denim blues, but rather nowadays you can have floral prints, plain and bold colors, as well as some items incorporating leather. Worn with the loose shirt or blouse, is the typical fedora hat. Usually in black or French art-decor colors, the hat should be worn at a tilt and with long hair.

Straight and broad

There’s no other fashionable clothing item that has taken the loose fit style further than the straight cut casual jean. With a high waist, there are designed to be worn over the belly button. They are also over the hips and waist, but don’t fit snugly here either. Kind of loose at the rear, the jean doesn’t hug your lower back but rather wraps around the front of your belly. These kinds of jeans, that are designed to be loose, don’t usually come in a dark denim color. There are loose so you would see them being worn in summer or spring, hence why the denim is sky blue. Very often, rips will be on the front of the jeans but not on the thighs, but rather at the knees or shins instead.

The classic white t-shirt goes well with these jeans, but you can pretty much go freestyle and experiment with almost anything. A cotton cardigan with loose knotted-strands that dangle from the cuffs, elbows and rear hemline is a great choice for someone that wants an ‘springtime in the evening’ look. A long sleeve oversize shirt would go really well also. Oversize shirts aren’t the same as loose-fit, however they have an extra property of being loose around the front more so than the rear, which is good if you’re a larger woman. A short black leather jacket contrasts the light and delicate nature of the jean, with a dark attitude. This kind of outfit is usually seen in metropolitan cities as it's a cultural part of living in an urban environment. Being too delicate in among a concrete jungle is a little odd, therefore something thick and heavy like a leather jacket splashes in a little bit of rough and tough.

Modern dress combinations

Designers around the world have tried to make their version of a dress that can be worn casually. This means that it must be able to be worn every day of the week, and look like it belongs when you combine it with other clothes. If you see page and check out the deals with JC Penneys, you can see that one of the modern fashion items they sell is the Project Runway challenge winner. The Gingham shirtdress takes on the loose design of a smart casual shirt, but lengthens the approach. Snugly fit, the cuffs gives the dress somebody and direction, and perhaps the only rigid part of the item. The hem is wide and loose, making it seem horizontally ruffled. All one length, the dress goes down to being comfortably just above the knee, however as aforementioned the dress is loose around the legs. The waist of the dress is higher than the belly button and goes up to around the second floating rib.

You can use the promotional codes that have up to 30 - 50% off to mix and match lots of items with this dress. You can wear colored tights, but since the dress is in a tight square pattern and is grey, you should go for something bold in this regard. However you can go bare legged and still look stylish, as perhaps your shoewear is more important to complete this look. Again, because of the grey dress, you should venture out in a vibrant color and look to make a statement. It's advisable to wear a small heel and avoid flats just as much as high heels.

Clothes that have a looser fit have become insanely popular, and it's not just because they help women with body confidence. Naturally, they look more elegant and feminine, however, this allows for a lot of innovation and experimentation with the mixing of different styles. The modern artist look was perhaps the first to really boost things off, so look to buy two staples. Both made of denim, the loose jean shirt and straight cut loose jeans are the most iconic items of the modern loose fit era.