The Best Way to Style a White T-Shirt

There are very few clothing items that are as universal as a clean white t shirt. With it’s loads of variations from the preppy t-shirt dress to the early 2000’s tall tee, we are all closet fiends for our tried and true go-to. So in a world full of white tees, how exactly does one take theirs from boring sad to stylish? It’s simple.


Don’t be caught dead without a pop of color.

For you minimalist fashionistas, this doesn’t mean you have to venture into boisterous reds and majestic blues. It can be as simple as adding a snakeskin belt or a fun headwrap to your outfit.

For this particular ensemble, I opted for a gorgeous pair of floral culottes from Kosmios (a black owned business based out of Houston, Texas). They of course add color but also boast a great waistline which adds structure and a more flattering shape to the tunic style t-shirt.


Find your perfect fit.

My favorite t-shirts are either v-neck or crop top but I find that crew necks always give me that crisp polished look I often go for. Experiment with what you like best and what looks best with each individual outfit. For example, if you want to wear a statement necklace, a crew neck creates a back-splash for it while a v-neck creates a frame for it.

How do you jazz up an otherwise boring white tee?