What To Wear When Partying This Coming Winter

For a lot of women one of the most exciting things about going clubbing is the pre-party period of the evening. This is the time of the night when you get ready with all of your friends and have a few drinks. However, disaster can easily strike when you have nothing to wear. This is especially the case during the winter when you have to balance looking nice with keeping warm. So, for some top winter clubbing fashion tips, read on to discover all you need to know…

• A Blazer Teamed With Shorts, Tights And Heels – This is a classy, elegant and chic look. Who said you had to put your shorts away just because it’s cold outside? Instead, bring out a pair of trusty tights to ensure you are warm. Finish off the look with a sophisticated blazer and some high heels to add a dash of sex appeal. 

• Perhaps You Want To Wear A Dress Or A Skirt? Skirts and dresses are not only suitable for summer nights, but they are great for winter party fashion as well. The best thing to do is team your dress or skirt with a pair of tights. Not only will this look great but it will keep you warm as well. You don’t have to stick to plain black tights either. There are so many different styles available nowadays. If the outfit you are wearing is slightly on the plain side you could always go for a pair of tights with a unique and stylish design to make your look more eye-catching.

• A Boyfriend Sweater, Wet Look Leggings And Edgy Accessories – This outfit is funky, fashionable and ultra-modern. The contrast between the sexy wet look leggings and the cosy boyfriend sweater works really well. An added benefit associated with this outfit is the fact that you will look stunning whilst also feeling comfortable thanks to the soft leggings. Finish off the look with some edgy accessories. Overload in stunning jewellery. Stacked rings are really popular at the moment or why not go for a statement necklace? A striking clutch bag is the perfect finishing touch, with leopard print being one of the most stylish choices at present. 

Finish off with a crystal bag

The art of accessorising is something which has taken on great prominence in the fashion world over the past few years, with carefully selected scarves, bags, jewellery and sunglasses taking centre stage ahead of clothing choices.  And, bags are arguably the most important fashion accessory out of them all. After all, we all need something to store our purse, mobile phone, make up and everything else inside.

When it comes to an everyday bag it is likely that you already have your trusty large handbag that you utilise for practical circumstances, such as going to work. However, when it comes to finding a bag for formal use and party wear there are much more options at your disposal, and thus your license to be creative comes into play.

Most individuals tend to prefer a clutch bag for these occasions because they are practical and stylish. Moreover, they may be compact with regards to image, but most of them actually fit a lot inside.

There are a whole host of different clutch bags available; nevertheless if you want to be on trend this year then you should certainly consider one of the crystal bags that can be found online today. As you may have guessed from the name; these bags are adorned in sparkly crystals and diamonds. They are extremely glamorous and can instantly give your look that red carpet edge. This is because they are attention grabbing to say the least and thus provide the perfect way to enhance a plain outfit or give your look some sparkle during the winter months.

The great thing about crystal bags is that they are highly versatile. This means that they will go with any outfit you are wearing; no matter what colours or patterns are incorporated. Moreover, whilst these bags are at the height of fashion now, it is unlikely that they will ever be deemed to be unfashionable or outdated because they are timeless with regards to style. Thus you can rest assured that a crystal clutch bag will be a solid investment.

When shopping for crystal bags you will find a lot of different choices at your disposal, especially with regards to shape. Some of the most popular are as follows; bottle, egg, classic box and fan. It is also worth noting that you do not have to go for a crystal clutch which is merely clear diamond in regards to colour. There are some fantastic different colours and patterns available; with a blend of silver and gold achieving a lavish look, whilst black crystals can add a striking effect.